Ideas for Applied Project as well as Research Project

Applied Project Ideas: Intern/small project with Revision Energy Intern/small project with Justin Hardesting Local green infrastructure analysis Local Greenhouse operator   D’acers Actual Applied project I helped a local organic permaculture farm D’acers, promote their events as well as surveyed their audience to help them better understand their customers. Research Article Ideas: Media coverage of […]

PLN (Personal Learning Network)

Personal Learning Network Plan My personal learning plan is to look at LinkedIn daily, look at twitter bi-weekly as for network/media. A network of professional individuals are other members of USGBC that I can connect through the network of USGBC. Another learning tool I plan to utilize are educational and governmental websites. For networking: Look […]

Hello world!

Maxwell Cook Interdisciplinary Essay 11/8/16 – Present Marketing for Sustainable Design Marketing for Sustainable Design is my self-design major, which is the result of my exploration of knowledge in the Business Administration department and the Environmental Studies.  I started to notice how my interests overlapped and clustered together. During my freshman Spring semester, I took a […]