A look into my Intellectual Journey

Intellectual Journey:

“Hello there, my name is Maxxwell Cook and I am from Wall, New Jersey. Before becoming an undergraduate student here at Plymouth State University. I went to Wall township public High School in Wall New Jersey. If you are familiar with the Jersey shore area it is about, a mile or so from the beach. During my time at Wall high I ran track, indoor track, cross country, as well as becoming president of my high school’s environmental club. When I came to Plymouth State University I felt a sense of community  I never quite felt before. Especially when among such like minded individuals. Another thing that really grasped me was the surrounding area of the Plymouth New Hampshire Region. Plymouth State University works well on giving students experience with the clusters initiative as well as, working with the surrounding community and local businesses for cluster work. I also have to include how the surrounding area has captivated me throughout the years here in Plymouth New Hampshire. Above us is the White Mountain National Forest and below us is the  Lakes Region. Also surrounding the rural are many local farms such as Long-View, Owens, and D’acears. Squam Lake is one of my favorite lakes due to its bounty of nature surrounding it. Over the summer I served as race committee for the lighting sail fleet out of squam lakes association. Also over the course of my college career I participated and help officer positions towards my current spot as Sail Club captain here at Plymouth State University. What got me into environmental services was not only my family being so fond of outdoor recreational activities but, my godmother getting me into gardening and an alternative sustainable path. Throughout the years I have had multiple customer service jobs. From my first job, as a bus-boy at Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club working my way up to a food runner. To then working as a barista at Rook Coffee Roasters. To then a very lively job of working as a van driver for Wally’s Taxi service on the Jersey-shore. I guess where I was going at is one of my favorite aspects of these jobs are working with other people and interacting with others. From putting a smile on ones face as I am handing them their morning coffee everyday to  driving people back home at the end of their night. The reason I decided to create my Interdisciplinary major of Marketing for Sustainable Design was because I wanted to make a difference with helping nature and yet I think the use of business in this aspect is under-utilized. I also thought a business major in of itself was not going to give me the environmental insight I was trying to understand. My Interdisciplinary degree combines the disciplines of Marketing, Sales, Sustainability, Environmental Science and Policy, Biology and many more disciplines alike. Over the last summer I have also had the opportunity to do media and marketing work for AHEAD. A.H.E.A.D. is an acronym which stands for Affordable Housing Development and Education out of Littleton New Hampshire. AHEAD is part of Neighborworks America and HUD. AHEAD provides affordable housing development and education for the North Country of New Hampshire. One of the development projects we worked on was the Friendship House as AHEAD collaborated with North Country Health Consortium to create their new facility this summer. In the future I would like to do Marketing and Sales for sustainable products and systems such as green infrastructure used for municipal, residential and industrial stormwater management system. ”

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