Ideas for Applied Project as well as Research Project

Applied Project Ideas:

Intern/small project with Revision Energy

Intern/small project with Justin Hardesting

Local green infrastructure analysis

Local Greenhouse operator  


Actual Applied project

I helped a local organic permaculture farm D’acers, promote their events as well as surveyed their audience to help them better understand their customers.

Research Article Ideas:

  • Media coverage of Green Infrastructure
  • Media coverage on Sustainable products
  • Therapy of indoor plants
  • Interaction with nature on campus at Plymouth State University
  • Public Opinion on Green Infrastructure
  • Why or why wouldn’t you get a residential alternative energy system

Actual Research Article

I am working on the topic of Green Infrastructure how it addes to Real-Estate Capital because I want to find out the value it adds to real-estate in order to help my reader better understand the value Green Infrastructure adds to Real-Estate.

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