Research Article Outline:

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Residential neighborhood using Green Infrastructure as a means of storm-water management.

Introduction– Would introduce what Green Infrastructure is as well as would explain its relationship to a cost benefit analysis through the lens of conversational biology as well as a business lens as well.

A Way of Analyzing Green Infrastructure– Utilizes the Hedonic Pricing Model as a tool to analyze it Green Infrastructure. As well as going into factors such as non-exclude-ability services that are open to the public and appreciate land value.

Example of an Analysis of Green Infrastructure- Examples include Neckar region in Germany when the public was surveyed and goes into public willingness to pay for public Green-spaces and Green Infrastructure.

Conclusion – Concluded that Green Infrastructure not only appreciates the capital value of Real-Estate/surrounding Real-Estate but also has a lower life cycle cost and initial cost as compared to the traditional Grey Infrastructural alternative.

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