Vertical Multi-trophic Aquatic Farming

Permaculture was one of my favorite courses and if you know a about permaculture you would know it is one of the most sustainable methods of farming. However not many people have heard about vertical multi trophic aquatic farming. Similarly to permaculture, vertical multi trophic aquatic farming is a polyculture farming system. The difference is the environments and species used to farm in these circumstances. As sustainability involves food production and climate change mitigation this way of farming provides answers to these issues.

Many people are aware of the overfishing that is happening in the ocean and yet we are projected to amplify our fish consumption as a global population. Fish farms do take a lot of pressures off fisheries but, are known to be controversial. Large nets containing fish farms are unsustainable because the over bearing fish waste is not properly handled however, vertical multi-trophic aquaculture is the solution to this answer of fish farm practices.

Vertical multi-trophic aquaculture is a form of biomimicy that University of New Hampshire and University of Maine have been working with private practices to investigate and cultivate this system of aquatic food production. A large example of this system is

This was a useful video showing how these vertical multi trophic systems work.

This video shows the implementation of Integrated aquaculture.

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