Research Article How and why does green infrastructure add value to real-estate?   Introduction: “Green Infrastructure can be defined as strategically planned and managed networks of natural lands, landscapes and other open spaces that conserve ecosystem values and functions and provide associated benefits to human populations. Additional elements and functions of green infrastructure are working […]

Senior IDS Précis

Adamowicz et al in the Journal of Environment and Management  1994, states that the major drawback of Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling methods is that they can measure the use values of environmental goods, but non-use values cannot be captured when analyzing environmental services.  Adamowicz et al supports his claim by unaccurate valuations of nature […]

Maxxwell Cook’s Applied Project for Senior Capstone IDS

Survey to get a better understanding of the D’Acres guest and help the owners of D’Acres understand a persona for their customers To create a journey map and a persona of the average customer for any business or organization, data must be collected. One of the most accurate ways to collect data about customers is […]

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Maxwell Cook Interdisciplinary Essay 11/8/16 – Present Marketing for Sustainable Design Marketing for Sustainable Design is my self-design major, which is the result of my exploration of knowledge in the Business Administration department and the Environmental Studies.  I started to notice how my interests overlapped and clustered together. During my freshman Spring semester, I took a […]