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Maxwell Cook

Interdisciplinary Essay

11/8/16 – Present

Marketing for Sustainable Design

Marketing for Sustainable Design is my self-design major, which is the result of my exploration of knowledge in the Business Administration department and the Environmental Studies.  I started to notice how my interests overlapped and clustered together. During my freshman Spring semester, I took a class called Career Exploration, which let me explore what career path would suit my extroverted personality while including my interests in environmental studies. Since I have the tendency to be outgoing, I believe I can benefit from this trait in harnessing that through marketing and business.  Environmental issues are some of the most pressing of our time, and I believe that plants are the roots of modern society. I hope to learn about the characteristics of the environment, and be able to educate and market the benefits and essence of conscious decision. The fields of Environmental Studies and Marketing combined, is the program that is going to give me the knowledge on both the promotion, advertising, and marketing as well as the Environmental health and safety knowledge background needed.  

My intuition tells me that businesses need to be as transparent and ethical as possible. Consumers want to see businesses as sustainable and clean as possible and share the same values, which only will become more crucial in the growing business market. Through taking Principles of Marketing last spring, I learned of how values are important in business practice to consumers. In my free time I enjoy investigating through the lenses of tools such as blogs, video blog producers on YouTube, websites, and articles.  Through my designed major I hope to be able to further my knowledge about my interests and apply them to my academic career. Two interest I spend a lot of time learning about is creation using the natural world and trying to enhance people’s lives. I don’t think just environmental policy on its own would let me investigate the relationship of the induvial health or environmental health in relation to promoting consumption of products and technology that is beneficial to people and the environment. Every choice you make in the store effects other people and the environment in one way or another, and I want to be able to market products and ideas that are better for the environment and human health.

The classes I’ve decided to include in my major will cover a variety of sustainable ideas, practices, and technology. As well as including business classes to give me insight for practical purposes such as how to write out a business program and marketing the benefits of the sustainable technology of our future. The first class I choose on my contract was Small Business/ Entrepreneurship Marketing and Operations which will teach me about the global economy and how I can work myself into it. Also learning about this management aspect will qualify me for positions in corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors of the economy. In addition to learning other business analytics, I will also discover cost effective marketing programs to create awareness of and generate revenues for the small business. The next class on my contract is Branding and Marketing Communication which is a class that will show me communication techniques and promotion strategies. The following class is Consumer Behaviors which is a class that will teach me the consumer or anticipated clients’ behaviors in order to spark the reactions I need to promote my career endeavors. After that class I choose Botany which is over all plant science which plays the more important if not most important role as primary producers of the natural world therefore giving me a huge insight of how the natural works. Learning about the interrelationships of biotic characters of an ecosystem is what I strive to achieve by taking Ecology. Conservation is a class that will teach me the relation between resource utilization and resource management this is important to me because, the skill of using resources consciously allows work to be done in a sustainable manner.   Business Innovations is a class that fits into my major with the aspects of social science, environmental science and business all directly play a role into promoting a new idea or concept which is what I plan on learning in this class. Disease Safety and the Environment is a class that is teaching me about the health risk and concerns towards individual health and community health. Utilizing the natural environment is a skill I plan on learning through the course Environmental Planning. The environmental associations and consequences of energy consumption are indeed relative towards the work I plan on doing which, I will learn through the class Energy and Society. Soils and Environmental Change will be a class that shows be how to observe my surrounding environment and read what is happing to and in it. The class Sustainability and Residence is a class designed how sustainability can be executed for residential living which would be a valuable skill for me to know. Intro to Permaculture is a class that will allow me to learn about perennials which are widely used in urban landscaping and indoor agriculture. Focusing on natural systems and learning about evolution, diversity, ecology and functioning of the living systems. As well as a lens, specifically on both the plants and animals in them is something that will hold a lot of uses found in the class Biological Science II.

My intended major of combining Environmental studies and Marketing is not currently offered at Plymouth as a major of its own but, with the ability to create my major I can learn and combined two fields that when brought together can make more of an ecological difference than simply voting for change could ever do. I will be the change I intend on seeing through innovation and working with people. For years, the illusion of progression insinuated our species instead we regressed and devalued our earth and everything on it including our own selves.  The opportunity to join these two majors is paramount. The idea of this major isn’t just needed for me or you, but for our kids and grandkids. These two fields combined will allow me to utilize key points in marketing strategies and people skills that were the same methods used to sell my future clients the harmful and environmentally disruptive way of life that we know of today.

An environmental conscious lifestyle is a combination of conscious consuming, sustainable living habits, and ethical production process. I’ve always had a personal belief that nature’s efficiency and effectiveness is something we cannot surpass no matter how hard we try. It is quite easy to say I’ve always had a natural gravitation toward fresh air. When outside there is a certain unexplainable connectivity that is infinite and yes, you can say that there may be factors such as hearing natural sounds, a study on the feeling of soil’s microbes on your bare skin that makes your endorphins rise, the taste of water from a natural spring water having minerals that are good for you, the sun’s rays beating on you giving you vitamin D, and aromas from natural plant fragrances we forget to notice. With all the amplified and insignificant services that nature can provides us with, we should respect it more than anything else, because it is us.

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