Maxxwell Cook’s Applied Project for Senior Capstone IDS

Survey to get a better understanding of the D’Acres guest and help the owners of D’Acres understand a persona for their customers

To create a journey map and a persona of the average customer for any business or organization, data must be collected. One of the most accurate ways to collect data about customers is to survey them.

 As my Interdisciplinary focus of Marketing for Sustainable Design, I chose to do marketing fieldwork for a local sustainable (permaculture) farm, hostel, and institute D’Acers of Dorchester New Hampshire. The idea of helping a local farm to market itself better came from a business lady I met by the name of Pam Knight. She is an ecotourism marketer in the Vermont and New Hampshire area. I thought that marketing research for D’Acres would be the perfect applied project for me. After having multiple talks with Knight about ecotourism, marketing, and the growth of her specific field, this project is most applicable for demonstrating my skills in marketing for sustainable design.  


As preparation, I designed a survey to help D’Acers understand their customers and what activities fit their guests the most. Basic demographic questions I asked included what sex they were, if they came with their family, and where they came from. Other questions I implemented were about what the customers were trying to get out of their experience at D’Acers. These questions included the following: What was your purpose for coming here? What would be another reason you would come here? Lastly, which of the following topics interest you the most? The last part I wanted to investigate about the customers was the outlets through which these customers heard about D’Acers.

Below are the results of my surveying of the typical Sunday breakfast held by at D’Acers.

Question 1.

Question 2.

Where is the guest from?


Southern NH

Within this Region about 30 min away



Upper Valley of New Hampshire

Question 3.

What is the main purpose you came here?

Question 4.

What would be another reason for coming to D’Acres?

Question 5.

Question 6.

Did you come here with your family?

Question 7.

How did you hear about D’Acres?

Also as an added bonus I was able to enjoy this farm fresh breakfast in-between surveying the customers.

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