PLN Portfolio

LinkedIn is the most used out of the rest of the learning networks that I have created. I also appreciated the Lynda service our school provides, it has given me a few certifications that I published on my LinkedIn . I feel as if I used my twitter more during the Intro to Interdisciplinary course rather than my senior seminar course. In my twitter account I follow governmental agencies that work on environmental services or conversational work for the most part. Specific Facebook groups that are intended for like minded individuals are also used for gaining knowledge and sometimes meeting other like-minded individuals. Some of these groups include: “Permaculture”, “House Plant Hobbyist” and, “Organic Farmers” as well as a couple of others I could have missed. As far as the community of USGBC goes so far, the USGBC isn’t so active besides the few people I’ve connected with through LinkedIn. Along with the NOAA climate research website I’ve cited on my “PLN Plan” I have also learned from a few other governmental and nonprofit websites and expect to persistently look at them. Lastly, some authors that have books that I am planning in diving into shortly are EO Wilson, Michell Pollen, Rob Greenfield, and Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, Masanobu Fukuoka, Joel Salatin, Michael Pollan, Michael Phillips, as well as a few others I did not mention. Not only have I learned about these people in class but, these people will continue the type of information I would like to learn.

Below is a picture of my LinkedIn from a mobile platform. Below that picture is my Lynda certifications on a my LinkedIn from a mobile devise as well.

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